Max Galka, CEO & Founder Elementus Podcast: The explosive rise in Russian ransomware attacks.

Katherine Bateman Elementus, Velvet Sea Ventures

It’s no secret that the country that’s most responsible for ransomware attacks is Russia. The threat of ransomware attacks on U.S. businesses and critical infrastructure recently took an ominous turn when a prominent Russian ransomware group named Conti — threatened to attack any nation or organization retaliating against Moscow for its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Now, a groundbreaking new report titled Ransomware: A Technology Pandemic on the Brink, from New York-based crypto forensics and analytics firm Elementus (where I serve as Chief Strategy Officer), documents the full extent of the threat of Russian ransomware attacks (Report can be downloaded here.)

That’s the topic of conversation with Max Galka, CEO and founder of Elementus on the Podcast found here.